Mr. & Mrs. Davis

As a photographer, I'd like to think I'm known for my bright, vibrant and colorful style. Shooting in light-filled spaces has always been my preferred M.O. However, when I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at The Ostreum in Fort Worth, TX, a former macaroni factory-turned industrial-chic wedding venue, I embraced the awesome challenge with open arms!

I wanted to prove that when you're a pro, any space and any light work to tell a storym while remaining "on brand." The venue's industrial aesthetic provided a beautiful, cozy, yet edgy backdrop for this wedding.

The couple, Isabella and Austin, where all smiles as they exchanged vows in the beautiful ceremony space of The Ostreum. Surrounded by exposed brick walls, steel beams, and soft, ambient lighting, their love filled the space with an undeniable warmth and intimacy.

The festive spirit of the couple's family further elevated the atmosphere. As with most folks on their wedding day, the couple had butterflies in their tummies as the nerves of the day began to sink in. As the day progressed, they blossomed, and their personalities began to show, their tender moments and genuine affection shining through in every interaction.

Photographing at The Ostreum was a delightful experience, and the venue's industrial chic setting provided a perfect canvas to showcase these two love birds.

I hope you enjoy their beautiful wedding gallery below!

Mr. and Mrs. Davis,

Thank you so much for trusting me and bringing me along for the ride! It was an absolute pleasure!



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