Erin & Dalton: Wonderful example of why you should have a sunrise photoshoot!

Summer is the season of love! What better way to celebrate your engagement than with a magical summer sunrise photo shoot? While most couples opt for golden hour sessions in the evening, there are countless reasons why a sunrise engagement session in the summer is a brilliant choice. 

As a Fort Worth wedding photographer and engagement, I’ve shot sessions in all seasons at all times of the day. I can assure you that this decision will not only result in stunning images but also an unforgettable experience. Let me go into more detail with a handy dandy list!

The light during a sunrise session is simply breathtaking!

  • The soft, warm glow of the rising sun casts a romantic and ethereal ambiance that adds a touch of magic to your photos. The golden hues create a dreamy backdrop, making you and your partner shine like never before.

The temperature!

  • Early mornings tend to be cooler compared to the scorching heat of midday. This means you and your partner can feel more comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. With the pleasant weather, you can focus on capturing authentic and natural moments of love without the worry of sweating through your clothes.

The streets are less busy!

  • This offers you the opportunity to take pictures in iconic city locations without the hustle and bustle of crowds. You'll see the stay pickup truck here and there, but that's Texas for ya! Whether you want to capture classic Fort Worth architecture or vibrant urban scenes, the serene atmosphere of the early morning allows you to have these iconic spots all to yourselves.

Take Erin and Dalton’s breathtaking engagement session for example! I have a deep love for Fort Worth and its unique charm, and so does the couple. With that shared love we chose the Sundance Square. The light, the colors and not to mention that morning coffee kicking in were a recipe for success! 

Take a look at their gallery below!

*Photo nerd note: This session was shot in digital and 35mm film. The black and white images are film :) !

So, if you're considering a sunrise engagement session in the summer, do it! If you’re looking for I your dream photoshoot come true, contact me and let's create awesome memories together as you embark on your marriage journey!

Erin and Dalton, 

Thanks so much for a fun morning full of joy and laughter. You guys are so fun! I can’t wait to capture and share the images from your wedding celebration later in the year!



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