Mr. & Mrs. Thomas

When it comes to weddings, bigger is not always better. For some couples, an intimate micro-wedding is the perfect way to celebrate their love surrounded by their closest family and friends. And that's precisely what Curt & Camesha did when they tied the knot at The Bridal & Day Suite at Adriatica in McKinney, TX.

The couple chose a romantic color palette of blues and pinks to set the tone for their special day. The bride had a clear vision of a classic and elegant backdrop for their ceremony and portraits. The entire Adriatica Village radiates that vibe and aesthetic. 

This location is a gem tucked away in Collin County. Its European-inspired architecture and stunning views of the Adriatica Village offer the perfect setting for couples like Mr. & Mrs. Thomas looking for classic elegance. 

If you're considering a micro-wedding, take inspiration from this celebration! Focus on what truly matters to you as a couple and surround yourself with the people who mean the most. The result will be a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments!

Please take a look at this gorgeous gallery!

These lovebirds were a joy to work with! Here are some sweet words from bride Camesha:

I have been writing this love note trying to find the words and still struggling.
I cannot thank you enough for being there for us.
You were THE perfect person to capitalize our day. You are AMAZING and your energy and kindness and patience and expertise shined!
Lizzy, saying thank you just isn’t enough. But I will say it anyway. THANK YOU!!
The photos are beautiful, you captured moments I didn’t know about and I thank you for all the extra! 
I love and appreciate you more than you can ever know!

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, 

Thank you for putting your trust in me to capture your love. It was an honor and a true blast!

Sending love and hugs,



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