TJ & Caroline

On today's entry, I'm happy to show you a beautiful session featuring TJ & Caroline's elopement.

The sweet couple planned to have a small ceremony on their April 2nd dating anniversary and host their big wedding later in the month. However, that pesky COVID had other plans.

They decided to go ahead and have their elopement ceremony on the original date and move their big wedding to 2022, which ended up working perfectly for a few reasons:

1. They would get to have their big celebration on their 1st anniversary and the date they wanted all along.

2. My son, Harrison, decided to arrive 3 weeks early. That meant I would be recovering from child birth on their original wedding day!

Talk about the universe's mysterious ways!

The couple chose the Fort Worth Botanic Garden as the backdrop for their elopement portraits. The day was beautiful and we had an absolute blast!

Please enjoy this beautiful gallery!

Dear TJ & Caroline,

I can't wait to celebrate with you again next year. Thanks again for allowing me to join you on your beautiful wedding journey!



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