You Just Got Engaged. Now What?

It's the beginning of the year and everyone's social media pages is lighting up with beautiful engagement announcements! If you are one of the lucky people who received a gorgeous new ring to show off and have been promoted to fiancé, this post is for you!

Once your partner asks the bug question it seems like there is so much to do! So, where do you start? First, chill and bask in the happiness of your engagement. After that, consider the following five tips to help you get going!

Tell Your Loved Ones

Before you go blasting the news on social media, make sure you call your people and tell them you’re engaged. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones who would be hurt if they found out from anyone else. Plus, calling them means you’ll get to hear the excitement as they share in your joy! That is an amazing feeling. 

Get A Manicure

Your hands are about to get some extra attention. If you haven’t already, go treat yourself to a manicure. Your new ring deserves the beautiful backdrop!

Talk Out the Big Things

Before you dive into the throws of wedding planning, talk things out. Talk about how you and your fiancé will handle finances, pre-martial counseling, in-laws, etc. Making sure you’re on the same page with those huge topics like in-laws will make a world of difference! Especially when you’re facing tough decisions while handling wedding planning, knowing where you stand beforehand is huge. 

Create A Wedding Budget

Don’t contact even a single vendor yet. Start your engagement right and really formulate your wedding budget. Sit down with anyone contributing to the event and get solid, exact numbers. From there set a list of priorities you’re willing to shell out for first. 

Pick A Venue & Date

After you’ve got your budget in order, it’s time to pick a venue! I suggest doing this first, as this will determine your wedding date. Once your venue is booked, you can start bringing your dream to life! Other vendors will be also be able to help when you come to them with a firm date!

I hope these practical tips for what to do once you’re engaged help you! Enjoy every moment of the process and let it soak in! It is an incredible season of life!



Bonus Tips!

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