There are plenty of photos you have probably considered taking on your wedding day.

From getting ready for the ceremony to pictures with your family and of course withyour partner, what about the people helping you and have helped throughout the entire wedding planning process? While you know you'll have some time to take group shots of the entire wedding party you'll want to make sure you have these photos with your pals as you get ready for your big day.

1. Showcase The Back of the Outfit

On the back of your outfit, especially wedding dresses, you can always find hidden beautiful details you'll want to capture. Close-ups of the fabric details or shots of someone helping you with the buttons, zippers or lace always make great shots,

2. First Look

You have heard about the first look between partners, but what about when the wedding party sees each partner for the first time? The first reveal to the wedding party can result in some emotional and memorable photo opportunities.

3. Getting Ready Shenanigans

As you are getting ready, everyone's nerves are a little on edge because everyone wants to look their best. There will be moments when you need to let loose to relax. Having a dance party, jumping on the bed, or being silly can create great photo opportunities.

You'll also want to capture everyone wearing cute and thoughtful pre-wedding attire. While in your comfy clothes, take the time to pop a bottle or two of champagne.

4. Bouquets and Bridesmaids Dresses

Bouquets won't last a lifetime, but the pictures you have of them will. The bouquet shot is one that you will want to have. You can showcase the bouquets and the bridesmaid's dresses in many ways. From lining everyone up and holding their bouquets out to the camera or hiding their faces to forming a circle around the newlyweds, this is another shot that you can get creative with.

5. Just Have Fun!

If you take away anything from this post take this: JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you choose me as your wedding photographer I'll make sure to capture it all, big and small. Let me see your personality and don't be afraid to get weird! Party and party hard, I've got your back!



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