Take Inspiration from Mr. & Mrs. Martinez

Today, I have a beautiful gallery featuring a super cute couple. I'm excited to share their gallery because: 1) They are cuties! 2) Their wedding allows me to talk about one of my favorite Fort Worth Elopement spots.

Let's talk about tying the knot at the Tarrant County Courthouse!

When you visit downtown Fort Worth, she's right there in all her glory: a stunning pink granite building that's a true work of art. Inside, it's like stepping back in time, with ornate staircases, gold accents, and light that makes everything feel romantic and magical even.

Getting hitched at the historic 1895 Tarrant County Courthouse is super simple! Here's what you need to know

You can call or visit the court to set your wedding appointment. Ceremonies kick off at 8 a.m. and wrap up by 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. It's that easy! Before you know it, you'll be off the market!

While the courthouse is iconic and picture-perfect, I urge you not to be scared to go beyond its grounds for awesome portraits. If you know me, this part is kind of predictable; your elopement is a perfect opportunity to visit the nearby parks and gardens for a touch of nature! The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is my favorite, with its beautiful greenery and seasonal backdrops!

Take Mr. and Mrs. Martinez's wedding day as an awesome example. They wanted an intimate ceremony and a cozy dinner with family and friends. Their wedding was filled with special touches that spoke to their personality: Hello, Star Wars cufflinks and custom Chucks! It was such a sweet and romantic day.

Please take a look at their gallery below!

Ps. I'm making you scroll for the courthouse wedding photos. No, I'm not sorry! :D

Mr. & Mrs. Martinez,

Thank you for choosing me to experience your beautiful union and for giving other couples a glimpse into what a perfect Tannrt Cunty Courthouse elopement could look like!



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