A personal hero tuned friend

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing one of my favorite people in the world, Norma Garcia. You may know her as the multi-Emmy-Award Winning news anchor from KXTX-TV Telemundo 39 Dallas. I have the pleasure of knowing her as a colleague and friend.

Time for a sappy story

I first became aware of Norma and her amazing talent as a broadcast journalist when I lived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. At the time, she was the news anchor for the El Paso, TX Univision affiliate KINT-TV. I remember watching her deliver the news and being captivated by it. I thought, "That lady is so cool, I want to be like that one day!"

Years went by. She moved on in her television career and moved to the California and Illinois markets.

My family and I moved to Oklahoma City, where as destiny would have it, I chose to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, just like the cool lady on channel 26 in El Paso.

Fast forward to 2013. My contract with the television station I worked for at the time was coming to an end. I needed to move on and explore other markets. On a whim, I applied for an open position at Telemundo Dallas. When researching more about the station, I realized Norma was its main anchor. I was pleasantly surprised and a bit intimidated. After being called for an interview at the station, my anxiousness only grew,

At the interview, I met Norma she was just as I immagined. Sharp, quick-witted and very honest. Although I wanted the job badly, I thought "If I don't get it, that's ok. At least I got to meet someone who truly inspired me, and that's good enough!"

But guess what? I got the job!

For the next three years, Norma and I got to closely work together and I learned so much form her. She not only trusted me with daily production of our newscasts, she also trusted me to work with her on special projects and our station's political program during a landmark election year.

Our work relationship evolved into a beautiful friendship that I am so fortunate to have.

Norma, thank you for your friendship and trust and thank you for inspiring me to follow my professional ambitions, to be courageous and not take BS from anyone!

Please enjoy Norma's branding session.